Ferdy Clarke, a native of Birmingham, is feeling fortunate about owning a Snagglefoot franchise. She has lived all over the country and has returned to Alabama to work, doing what she loves best, caring for animals. Her education in the behavioral sciences, teaching and animal behaviorism make her highly qualified for pet care and pet care services. Ferdy’s love for her own pets is remarkable, as two of them have been trained to safely accompany her on her motorcycle. She looks forward to caring for your pets in the Birmingham metropolitan area.

KayceHi! My name is Kayce Swift, and I am a senior studying Social Work at The University of Alabama at Birmingham. After graduation I hope to apply for the Social Work Master’s program at UAB, and continue my education here. I am a part-time employee at UAB for the Instructional Design and Technology team where I assist with the media aspect of courses. I enjoy exercising (biking in particular) and I play club lacrosse for Samford University. My family always had animals – from Great Danes to teacup Pomeranians and Bearded Dragons. As a college student, I am unable to own a dog and show it the attention and love it deserves, but I do have a Ball Python named Salazar (a Harry Potter namesake of course) and a Bearded Dragon named Paco. I love animals so very much and I am so happy to have the chance to work for Snaggle Foot so that dogs, cats, and all animals are a part of my everyday life!

AbbyHi, my name is Abby Garver. I’m 26 years old, and I’m a student at UAB with a foreign language major. Specifically, I am a French major, and since I am already fluent, I am now learning Spanish. Ultimately I wish to pursue astrophysics. When I’m not studying, I am very active in sports and exercise. I am vice-president of the UAB Tennis Club. Tennis and indoor soccer are my two favorite sports. My other interests include: traveling, scuba diving, snow skiing, water skiing, hiking, running, digital photography, creative writing in French, cooking, especially French cuisine, French scrabble, and cinema. I was born in Birmingham, AL and grew up in Hoover, AL. I am a major Francophile and try to visit as often as possible. I have work experience as a server, French tutor, retail, and of course for Snaggle Foot. I joined the Snaggle Foot team in June of 2015. I loved that the job permitted me to be around animals, and also able to fit it in with my class schedule. I grew up with cats and dogs in the suburbs. As much as I love living in downtown Birmingham now, it means I can’t have pets. I was very glad that working for Snaggle Foot filled that animal void in my life. I have enjoyed so very much getting to know our regulars and new clients as well.

Laura Caldwell is a fourth year student at UAB working towards a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. She is passionate about caring for
animals and doesn’t discriminate against any animal. She also loves working with cats, reptiles, small mammals, etc. Laura has two dogs, Ellie and Lowe, that strike a nerve at times but provide unconditional love each and every day. She doesn’t know where she’d be without the happiness that animals bring her. In addition to her love for animals, Laura loves trying new foods, spending time with loved ones, and meeting new people.